Bee Venom

Wild Ferns® has captured the remarkable benefits of purified Bee Venom from New Zealand combined with certified Manuka Honey 80+ in a range of products that provide a regenerative skin therapy treatment.

What is Bee Venom?

Derived from the stinging defense mechanism of honey bees, Bee Venom contains 18 biologically active compounds, including low-molecule peptides, enzymes, amino acids, and sugars. This complex combination promotes skin rejuvenation by enhancing the skin's natural activity.

Bee Venom in Skincare:

Energizes the skin's natural activity, encouraging increased circulation, collagen, and elastin production.

Assists in firming and plumping facial tissue for a smoother and brighter complexion.

VENZ™ (Venom New Zealand) ensures the highest quality Bee Venom, obtained ethically and humanely, backed by extensive biological and biotechnological research.

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